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Men who kill partners likely to serve less time than those who kill strangers: study

This article by Colin Perkel was published on November 22, 2015 by CTV News


TORONTO -- Men who kill their female partners are more likely to be criminally convicted than men accused of killing strangers -- but they also tend to get lighter sentences, a Canadian study concludes.

The research, being published in the journal "Current Sociology," finds that men who kill their wives, girlfriends or other female family members are handed shorter prison terms than men who kill strangers.

In fact, according to the findings, men who kill women they know are treated more leniently at most stages of the criminal-justice process, such as facing fewer charges of first-degree murder.

Study author Myrna Dawson, an associate sociology professor at the University of Guelph, calls it the "intimacy discount."

"This may mean that women killed by male partners are still seen as property and, as such, these femicides are not treated as seriously as other femicides," the study states.  ...


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