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Witch hunt is the stuff of Hitlers dreams

Do we laugh or do we cry spring to mind. Neither as the statement which appeared in the telegraph by Dan Hodge* is just a ludicrous headline used to grab attention. It certainly has done that and shone the light on the journalist who wrote it and not in a positive light I might add.

Yes since Since The Jimmy Saville exposure we have seen a stream of Police Operations which in many cases are operations that should have been investigated properly in the past WE would not be in the position we are in now if they had. But they weren't for many reasons.Many just blatantly covered up, others lack of funds and others because of police cultures not believing victims. Agencies and the government at the top have been complicit in what has happened and survivors want justice. Wouldn't you even if the alleged offenders are deceased.

Yes it appears that Names are appearing on a daily basis.Why, we are being asked. Because people haves usenet decided to pick that name out or maybe Dan they are telling the truth and that is why investigations are hopefully being conducted as professionally as they should be and the penny is dropping that they hadn't been!

I am sure that in the case of the important names coming out now the police haven't just decided after one reported incident to suddenly make public the investigation. Nor can I imagine a retired senior officer coming forward with information ,which I assure you is a very difficult thing to do. On all levels people reporting CSA find it one of the most difficult things they will ever have done. Whistleblowing is another one.So Mr Hodge when you write what I consider to be just a headline to try and shock you run alongside the Katie Hopkins of the world andI wouldn't say we are shocked. More concerned as to the comparison with Hitler,which is the only thing that actually stands out. That and the fact the article is from someone who obviously has no comprehension of policing nor Child Abuse Investigations.

For the survivors who are coming forward lets at least give them the respect that is due.


*Clean link.

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