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We’ve reported @ fucktyler for inciting harassment and threats of violence.

The feminist campaign Collective Shout have been campaigning to have the Australian government deny a visa to rapper Tyler, The Creator whose misogynistic lyrics advocate rape and the abuse of women.

Yesterday, Tyler tweeted out this message:

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Since then Coralie Alison, director of Collective Shout, has received a barrage of abusive, threatening tweets which constitute a sustained campaign of harassment. The campaign group End Online Misogyny has storified a brief selection of the tweets here. As with hundreds of others online, we have reported a number of accounts this morning to Twitter. As ever, Twitter support haven't actually bothered to respond to any of the reports by even suspending accounts, never mind banning them.

We have also reported Tyler, The Creator's twitter account. Whilst he has not said anything overtly abusive recently, the tweet above can be construed as an incitement to harass and intimidate Alison. Tyler is not new to social media. He knows perfectly well what the consequences are of a man with 2 million plus followers calling out a feminist activist in such a manner.

Twitter, despite high profile campaigns following the sustained harassment of Caroline Criado-Perez and Stella Creasy, has not done enough to prevent violent and abusive men from using their platform to commit crimes of harassment, stalking and intimidation. It is no longer good enough just to report the men with 27 followers who send rape and death threats. We also need to hold accountable those who incite the abuse.

We've reported Tyler today. We will be reporting all male celebrities and athletes who use twitter as a way to incite their fans into abusing women online.


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