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Valid Excuses for Murdering your Wife and Child

On Thursday June 29, the Independent published an article on a murder-suicide involving a British family living in Costa Del Sol. Apparently, the man murdered his wife and child because he lost his job and they were ill.

Because, it is completely reasonable to murder your wife who is ill and your daughter who is disabled when you find yourself unemployed and in debt.

A woman and her adult daughter were murdered by a man who was supposed to love them but who believed he owned them. Family annihilators are almost always male and financially stable. They kill their families when they learn they aren't the centre of the universe.

This is male violence.

There is no excuse for killing your partner and child and we need to stop making excuses for these men. They are not mentally ill. They are violent and controlling men who kill their family because they can.

No more excuses.

No more victim blaming.

We need to name the problem: male violence.

Then, we need to hold individual perpetrators responsible for their own actions.

The article is here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/british-family-found-shot-dead-at-rented-villa-on-spains-costa-del-sol-8675580.html

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