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Twitter defies law again

Despite complaints yesterday morning, Twitter still refuses to remove name of child rape complainant in current trial from multiple taunting posts.

Despite complaints to the police yesterday, they still haven't been forced to do so. What does it take to persuade anyone to enforce the law on behalf of victims?

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4 thoughts on “Twitter defies law again

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for your post, J. We have been watching in horror as this has unfolded over social media. We are aware that an arrest has been made is relation to the naming of the victim in this case.

  • J says:

    I think three arrests have been made but the material is still all there for all to see which rather defeats the point. Twitter still ignoring the law. How does Twitter make money? There must be some way of hitting them in the pocket?

    • Admin says:

      We’re not sure that Twitter will be taking responsibility – in the same way that the postal service wouldn’t be responsible if you posted hate mail. Not sure I agree with their stance but cant see how they would monitor so many tweets.

      Maybe option is that the police request an account is taken down, if they arrest someone, and Twitter restore the account if the allegation is unfounded.

      Not sure what the solution is, to be honest 🙁

  • L says:

    That is their argument, certainly – however, whilst they *may* not have a responsibility to monitor, they do have a responsibility to remove it once notified that it is illegal – accessory after the fact?