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.@TheSun confuses rape with a “romp” (via @EverydaySexism)

The inquiry into the death of Cheryl James at the Deepcut barracks is ongoing. The Sun has chosen to refer a serious allegation of the sexual harassment and attempted rape of James as a 'romp'. Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 17.18.22

We urge people to take 5 minutes to make a formal complaint to The Sun about their misrepresentation of sexual harassment and violence.

You can email a complaint to The Sun here  [email protected].

You can file a complaint with the Independents Press Standards Organisation here.

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2 thoughts on “.@TheSun confuses rape with a “romp” (via @EverydaySexism)

  • James Drennan says:

    What’s horrifying is that I was informed of this insanity by you website. Absolutely disgusting – if British society cannot act as a social barometer with regard to destroying old misogynistic views such as this, then who will?

  • lynda says:

    The media seems to me in this country as having such a negative attitude in writing stories like this which is disgraceful. This young women was abused and then murdered, by using this type of language you our disrespecting her life and her death. You as the media have a duty to what kind of articles you write and the language you use and the further harm you could cause. This article is so one sided as the victim in this case is not alive to stand up for herself and for us to have her side of the story be heard. As your use of language as shown as negative towards the victim in this case but also misogynistic as well negative to women as well. Women in society are not men’s play things or to be the beck and call for army officers down in deep cut where this incident happened and unfortunately came to a dramatic end where a young women lost her life. We as the public should not be putting monetary gain in the hands of the editors and owner of the Sun Newspaper to read such gutter trash. What does it show our young women and young men that we all have a duty to write and report responsibility this includes the family and friends of this young women and the emotional distress this article will have caused. How do you think they will feel this being plastered on the front of a newspaper what about their thoughts and feelings don’t you think they have suffered enough from garbage and the use of negative reporting that this type of paper has on this type of crime shocking and disgraceful.