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The term “child sex party” is inaccurate and offensive

sunday mirror

This article appeared in the Sunday Mirror at the beginning of December. I only came across it when EVB retweeted it today. The headline is both misleading and offensive. It is precisely the kind of tabloid hysteria which makes it difficult for victims of sexual violence to get support or to report to the police.

There are no such things as "child sex party". The sexual abuse and rape of a minor by multiple perpetrators who gathered specifically to harm a child is not a "party". There is also no such thing as child sex since children, by definition, are legally incapable of consenting to sex. Any sexual activity involving a child is child sexual abuse or rape.  Not a child sex party.

Using such salacious and misleading terms serves only to elide responsibility of the crimes of child sexual abuse and rape from the perpetrators. The investigation into the organised sexual abuse and rape of children by men with political power in the UK has clearly been long in coming. We do a great disservice to the victims of abuse when we throw around terms like "child sex party" rather than naming both the perpetrators and the crimes.

The Sunday Mirror should have never published this headline. It is completely inappropriate.

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One thought on “The term “child sex party” is inaccurate and offensive

  • Hecuba says:

    And still individuals primarily male claim ‘rape culture doesn’t exist.’ Daily Mirror’s sensationalist and misleading headline is more proof of how men’s rape culture is normalised because ‘male sexual exploitation of female and/or male children doesn’t exist.’ Instead it is just ‘child sex parties!’

    Malestream media will never name sex of perpetrators and sex of victims in their headlines because malestream media is a very powerful tool of mens’ male supremacist system.

    However this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t name and shame those malestream pseudo newspapers which continue to profit by sensationalising and/or deliberately hiding/obscuring the facts concerning mens’ pandemic sexual violence being committed against women, girls and boys.