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Street harassment is responsible for men not getting enough sexy-times.

Street harassment is responsible for men not getting enough sexy-times.

At least, that seems to be the point of David Foster's disgraceful attack on the Everyday Sexism Project in the Guardian.* The fact that Foster can't tell the difference between asking a woman on a date and street harassment is his problem but he chooses to blame the Everyday Sexism Project for the failure of the "sexual revolution". See, Foster is upset that he can't approach random women on the street to insult them. Me, I'm upset that I can't walk down the street or live in my own home without getting raped. But, hey, Foster is clearly worse off than women:

what if he can't get a date?

Could you imagine how sad his life would be if he couldn't ever get to have sex ever again? Never mind the women who would like to be able to eat an ice cream in public without someone making a Facebook page dedicating to humiliating them. Or, women being able to walk home from work without being insulted, shouted out and threatened with rape if they don't respond positively.

Instead of acknowledging this reality, Foster blames the Everyday Sexism Project for talking publicly about rape culture. Foster blames victims of rape and sexual harassment for being victims. He doesn't care about women's safety or their emotional health. It is not "repressed sexuality" which makes men believe they have the right to abuse women in public. It's rape culture.

And, the Guardian has just published an article which blames victims of sexual violence for men's "repressed sexuality" rather than holding men accountable for their abusive behaviour. This too is rape culture.

In a way, Foster is right that street harassment is responsible for men not "getting" sex. He's just confused as to who is responsible for this: men.



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2 thoughts on “Street harassment is responsible for men not getting enough sexy-times.

  • Hecuba says:

    I didn’t realise men believe they are entitled to have sexual access 24/7 to any woman or girl!!! No wonder those male sexual harassers of women and girls are so angry – these men are terrified they will spontaneously implode due to lack of right to use women and girls as masturbation objects.

    Foster’s lies are predominantly accepted as men’s truths because men refuse to take responsibility for their choice and agency whenever they subject any woman or girl to male sexual harassment. Newsflash Foster – all too often males sexually harass women and girls in order to remind us that males have the power and we females must constantly submit to their male demands.

    Strange it is not (actually it isn’t) that homophobia and racism are hate crimes but male hatred/male contempt for women and girls is not a crime? Males can sexually harass women and girls with impunity because no hate crime (sic) has supposedly occurred. Reason is because it is males who are the ones sexually harassing women whereas homophobia and racism affect men so therefore it is ‘real and important – to men that is!

  • If you can’t tell the difference between sexual harassment and a free sexual relationship, you’re doing something wrong. He completely misunderstands sex-positive feminism and how it can co-exist with holding people accountable for misogyny and harassment. I wrote more about it here: http://ow.ly/vEh88