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Sexual assaults not worth investigating

Another day another reason to be fucking angry. This time my fury is directed towards Greater Manchester Police and once again footballers who treat women with a lack of basic decency.

I read the appalling story in the Independent on Sunday 8th February about a Manchester United player and a woman who had engaged in a consensual sex act in a nightclub toilet. I'm making no judgement call on that, what two consenting adults want to do sexually behind a locked door of a cubicle is none of my business.

However, when said Manchester United player's team-mates find it acceptable to go into the surrounding cubicles and tape the sex act without the knowledge or permission of the people involved and then pass it round to their colleagues, then I get angry. Once again footballers have shown that they lack a basic level of human decency, and have treated a woman as nothing more than a sex object to be gawped at and humiliated!

Whether they know it or not they have now committed a crime. Videoing someone engaged in a sexual act without their knowledge or consent is sexual assault. Sharing that video without the participants knowledge or consent is sexual assault. They have also broken section 67 of the sexual offenders act, which covers voyeurism

In the article it was stated that Manchester United would be investigating the incident. However this isn't a civil matter and so I tweeted to Greater Manchester Police to express my opinion that this should be investigated by them. This is the response I received back:

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FOR FUCKS SAKE! Are we, as a society now expected to stand back when we see crimes occurring and wait for the victim to report? If we see someone being raped in the street are we expected to walk on by and let the victim deal with it? What if the victim doesn't even know a crime is being committed? Do we just let that go?

The girl involved was described as being very distressed saying "I have been crying my eyes out..." She has been violated by a bunch of rich, arrogant, thoughtless men, who continue to show the world that you can have all the money and footballing talent out there but it doesn't make you a decent person.

The reaction on Twitter really wasn't surprising either.

Typical misogynistic comments from idiots who see nothing wrong in what the men are doing, but then judge the woman involved. Yet some still insist we don't live in a rape culture?

We live in a world where rape and sexual assault are laughed off, where police cannot even be bothered to investigate sexual assaults that make national newspaper headlines, where men who are found guilty are somehow believed to be the victims of miscarriages of justice. Where an estimated 80,000 rapes occur in the UK per year, yet only 1070 convictions happen. Yet they wonder why rape and sexual assault victims don't report! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?

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2 thoughts on “Sexual assaults not worth investigating

  • maria says:

    Well let’s let this victim know that she has support ,and that there will be people behind her non-judgemental xxx

  • Suzi says:

    No wonder these men think that they can do whatever they want when the Police cannot even bother to investigate even though the evidence is right there in front of them. It makes me so angry. The Police are there to serve and protect EVERYONE. Just goes to show how disrespected women are in this culture. We still have a long way to go.