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Rapists are not “sex pests”

The dictionary definition of pest is "an annoying or troublesome person" and yet The Metro has used the term sex pest to refer to a 68 year old man who has been arrested in France for what appears to be multiple counts of rape (as ever, The Metro is low on details and big on ridiculous language).

There is no situation is which the term "sex pest" is ever acceptable term to use. Rape is not 'annoying' behaviour. It is a criminal act. 'Annoying' someone into a sexual act is an invalidation of their consent. It is a form of coercion, which renders it a criminal act.

In using the term 'sex pest', The Metro has made it clear that they do not believe that the reported rapes occurred. Considering the case involves the suspect, who is not named and who used false information about his age and appearance, using dating sites to find women to 'have sex' with them - and references to 50 Shades of Grey - the insinuation that it cannot be rape is particularly troubling. There are similarities with the charges brought against Julian Assange whose rape accusations involve the women's consent being negated because his lies about wearing a condom. Rape culture insists that women's consent cannot be ungiven or that consenting to sex with one person within a specific set of circumstances means that the consent can never be undone if those circumstances changed.

The women who reported this man believed they were having sex with a completely different man. Their consent was given for one specific man - the fact that the man was much older than claimed does invalidate their consent. This does not make the man a 'sex pest', it makes a man a rapist.

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One thought on “Rapists are not “sex pests”

  • Hecuba says:

    Males and their malestream male owned media constantly trivialise pandemic male sexual violence against women and girls. Yet these same men and their male owned malestream media take very seriously cases of racism perpetrated by white men against non-white men.

    As always men believe they alone are the ones capable of defining what does and does not constitute ‘rape’ and/or male sexual violence against women and girls.

    ‘Sex pests’ do not exist but males enacting their choice and agency to sexually prey on women and girls do exist and the number of males enacting this choice are numerous. Still never mind male owned Metro claims it is the expert on defining ‘real male sexual violence against women and girls’ which is why such cases are as rare as the proverbial unicorn!