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Not the standard type of victim blaming but . . .

I really get sick and tired about reading how someone has 'lost their battle' with cancer. I have always felt this, however,I am writing this in response to the endless 'lost battle comments' that I have seen it all over Twitter today as Bernie Nolan has sadly died.

Firstly, cancer is a very unpredictable disease and even oncologists do not know why treatments are successful with some and not others.

Secondly, to me, it implies that the person with cancer did not fight hard enough and it is a weakness on their part to have 'succumbed' to this horrible disease; they didn't fight hard enough. I know many survivors of cancer who feel the same as I do about this language.

I hate these military metaphors being applied to a disease that we really have little or no control over once it takes a hold and can only hope that the drugs cocktail thrown at it will kill those bastard rogue cells.

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One thought on “Not the standard type of victim blaming but . . .

  • Admin says:

    Even though this isn’t part of our DSVA campaign, we think its really important to notice this type of language.

    Women find the ‘strength’ to leave (versus being weak if they stay…), they are brave (versus cowardly) etc.

    Thanks for posting it, it has really made us think about everyday language.