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Media coverage of sexual assault

I have been appalled at the television coverage given to those individuals accused and charged with sexual assault recently.


I can think of no other circumstance where an alledged perpetrator has had the benefit of hours of tv and radio coverage to protest their innocence. I wonder if this could be considered legally to hamper any trial, on the basis that the jury have already seen their protestations and because of that have formed a view and therefore prejudiced the case.


Press also seek out victims to encourage them to give an account (before trial) to give "balanced perspective". Is there no law against this, Leveson???


Media should be prohibited from giving such air time to alledged perpetrators. It is an affront to the victims and hugely intimidating also, which doubtless will mean "other" victims are less likely to come forward. It is an outrageous situation.


It also leads to further press coverage and other high profile celebs the chance to side with the perpetrator and create an environment of victims blaming, ie. Nick Ross, Anne Diamond, Jeremy Irons, Nick Ferrari, Bill Roache, Esther Rantzen ...............


I can see a situation had Jimmy Saville still been alive, other celebs would have come out and defended him and he would have been on tv protesting his innocence and telling us about all the charity work he does!


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