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Marissa Alexander

i would just like to say a few things about the story I have just read about the Marissa Alexander case, firstly how is it that the woman was a domestic violence victim who was being beaten by a man can be sentenced to 20 years in prison, when she was protecting herself? The sad reality is that if she had reported the violence that was being inflicted on her to the police, the likely hood of him even getting a custodial sentence is slim to none, let alone anywhere close to 20 years...........
How can this woman get such a ridiculous sentence for firing a warning shot, are you kidding me??!
I don't condone violence of any kind and I hate the use of weapons, but let's be real, when you are being hurt sometimes you do what it takes to survive, whether that is to lay down and take it or to fight back, she did what she did to scare him away, to protect herself, and for that she was imprisoned!

Where is the justice? but what am i talking about? there is very rarely justice when it comes to victims of abuse, it makes me sick, if agencies such as the police, social services, the court system etc did their job properly in the first place, a lot of victims would not be so scared to ask for help, to trust that they will be protected, and not have to go as far as to try and protect themselves by firing a gun........
People need to understand that abuse is scary thing, and a lot of times victims are more afraid of what the abuser is capable of than the consequences of taking things into your own hands, and even more sad than that is the fact that victims are more often than not re-victimized by the so called professionals that are there to protect them and keep them safe, extremely sad.

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2 thoughts on “Marissa Alexander

  • Hecuba says:

    Men who make the choice to subject female partners/ex female partners to lethal violence always claim ‘I was provoked/I lost control’ and these male lies are routinely accepted by mens’ legal system as justification for lethal male violence against women.

    However, women have no right of self-defence even when they have endured years and sometimes decades of violent interpersonal male violence. Men’s laws always hold women to a different standard than men and men believe any woman who kills a male/wounds a male in self-defence must be severely punished in order to reinforce men’s misogynistic message that women must never ever defend themselves against violent men.

    Men have right to murder women but women have no right to defend themselves!

  • Alison Boydell says:

    This case is just beyond appalling, seriously my brain can barely compute it. There’s a brilliant campaign on Twitter, please follow and support them @freemarissanow