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Man arrested for racially-aggravated sexual assault. BBC headline gets confused with a carry-on film.

Due to the limited number of characters allowed by the BBC informal complaints, we have sent the following about the conviction of city lawyer Alistair Main:  

Alistair Main has been convicted of one count of racially-aggravated assault and one of sexual assault. You minimise his criminal act of racialised sexual violence in your headline by suggesting he was convicted solely for "slapping her bottom" once. Main followed the victim into the women's toilets. pulled up her skirt up and repeatedly hit her because she refused to hug him. He has been placed on the sexual offenders registry and given a 5 year harassment order. The correct title for this article should be "City lawyer Alastair Main convicted of racially aggravated sexual assault". You are a news organisation, not a Carry-On film.

It is extremely disappointing to see that Main was only given a 12 month community order rather than a prison sentence. Main targeted the victim. He then refused to accept her bodily autonomy. He used a racial slur and he followed her into a small, enclosed place before repeatedly hitting her. Whilst the information in the article was correct, the headline was grossly inappropriate and misleading.

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