Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

End Online Misogyny and Victim Blaming

End Online Misogyny (EOM) and Victim Blaming

We aim to make online public spaces safer for all women, even those whose opinions we may personally deplore. Blaming women for the abuse that they experience is replicating patriarchy.

One of the most surprising and shocking things we have encountered since beginning our campaign is the level of victim blaming that we witness. When we send out a tweet in support of and highlighting the misogynistic abuse that the woman in question has received we frequently hear 'oh but she did this, said x, y and z'. We can only infer that some people find some women to be deserving of death and rape threats. This runs counter to our core belief system and is antithetical to our basic tenet.

Furthermore, our admonishers presume that we somehow hold an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single woman's entire tweeting history and views on every single topic. Even if we did, we do not subscribe to victim blaming nor will we ever do so.

Some of the women on our team have been peripheral to Twitter Feminism and have not actively engaged with it so are not au fait with every nuance of every single issue nor who aligns with what. Our followers are also globally spread and some issues pertinent to one location may be off the radar for another. We believe this is an asset as it strengthens our impartiality.

We maintain that there is no excuse for abuse. We accept that emotions can and do sometimes run high when women have a certain focus and standpoint, and many women are justifiably angry. However, we continue to maintain complete impartiality. This is also despite the fact that some of our team have been attacked personally on their own accounts by some we have supported. Our ethos is to highlight all misogyny and abuse and not conflate opposing misogynistic abuse directed at a woman with supporting said woman's views.

We reiterate: there is no excuse for abuse. This would be a very dangerous road for anyone to venture down. Ask yourself this. Would you apply that rule to offline life? Would you rather a campaign that made an arbitrary judgement about which women deserve our support?


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