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Dr Christian Jessen: Spreading Rape Myths

Today, Dr. Christian Jessen tweeted about a false accusation of rape. Many women responded to his tweet to point out how problematic his statement was. Jessen responded by ignoring criticisms and retweeting anyone who agreed with him.

Jessen was using his public platform of twitter to spread rape myths. Instead of engaging with women [and some men] who were pointing out the problems with his tweets, he took to insults:

Dr Christian Jessen ‏@DoctorChristian 7m
become clear that many of most aggressive feminists here have become so blinded by rage they no longer see any other points that their own.

According to Jessen any woman who disagrees with him is an "aggressive feminist". Well, no wonder consider the level of ignorance Jessen displays. Instead of thinking about what he wrote and considering if whether or not what he wrote was offensive, Jessen went straight to abusive whining.

This was just the same old victim-blaming twaddle repeated without thought by a man with no empathy.

The tweets are replicated here.

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12 thoughts on “Dr Christian Jessen: Spreading Rape Myths

  • J says:

    Dr Christian Jessen ‏@DoctorChristian 3h

    1) False accusations of rape are thankfully rare but very damaging to all. It’s interesting how much bias there is in talking about rape…


    • Admin says:

      We agree, and also think ‘Doctor Christian’ ought to start listening to women who could be his patients*

      *If he didn’t spend so much time doing Reality TV, that is.

  • Guy says:

    It wasn’t just women who responded to point out his mistakes. I sent several responses. Without reply back. I have noticed now and before he is ready to respond patronisingly to women who disagree but rarely men. Part of his misogyny I feel. He sees women as something less and therefore an easier target.

    • I didn’t see any man challenging until after I had submitted this piece in a rage. Thank you for your support.

      Jessen very rarely responds to men I’ve found. He generally only responds to women, who are usually young, who agree with everything he says. The word narcissism comes to mind.

      • Guy says:

        Just to clarify I wasn’t saying men responded too as a criticism of what you wrote. It’s hard to tell because he so rarely responds to men who disagree, so it doesn’t show on his timeline.

        • Admin says:

          We agree – he focusses the content of his inflammatory tweets on issues affecting women, and seems only to respond to women. He seems to enjoy the furore that he creates.

  • Alison says:

    Interesting comments. What an odious man. I have never paid any attention to him before as he always struck me as someone who was more interested in his TV career than anything else. Having seen this piece, looked at his Twitter TL and watched how he engages with women who challenge him, he has gone even further down in my estimation. And I was especially incensed reading a blog about some of his comments on page 3 and so called ‘medical’ advice on breastfeeding, which seems to be ‘don’t do it women, it ruins your breasts’.

    • I only came across him about 18 months ago when someone retweeted his comment about women with leg hair being unfuckable into my TL. Then, he started on breastfeeding ruins your breasts. How a GP manages to be that unable to understand the basic physiological effects of pregnancy is beyond me.

      • Elizabeth. says:

        Wow he really hates women doesnt he. A mysogynist and narcissist rolled into one. And this is a doctor!! albeit one who spends more time in the TV studio than in the surgery.
        Incredibly worrying.

  • Elizabeth. says:

    Just had a look at Christian Jessens TL He also said he knows a rape counsellor who thinks the same as he does. Whether true or not it was another damaging thing to say.
    Was also disappointed to see Emma Woolfs tweet….TEAM JESSON.

  • Paul Milnes says:

    I, too, protested to the doctor and received no reply. I guess he will always have to countered, but it to me he’s taking on troll status. Nothing any of us says sinks in.

  • Alison says:

    Now he’s casting mental health aspersions on those who dare to challenge him. This from a doctor. Unbelievable. https://twitter.com/DoctorChristian/status/353557649893228545