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Domestic Violence ends with the murder of an infant

Police in Connecticut are currently searching the Connecticut River for the body of 7 month old Aaden after his father, Tony Moreno, jumped from the Arrigoni Bridge late Saturday night. Moreno survived after his family members told police that he was threatening suicide. The first article we saw on NBC  did not include details other than the Amber Alert issued for Aaden and that Moreno survived.

A supporter sent us a link to an article in CT Now. We were not surprised by the following statements:

Court records indicate there is an open child custody case involving Aaden's parents. The records show the baby's mother, Adrianne Oyola, applied for a restraining order against Moreno on June 17 because she feared for her child's and her own safety. Oyola wrote in the application that she and Moreno were happy until she became pregnant, but he began to verbally abuse, threaten and push her.


A temporary restraining order to keep Moreno away from Oyola and the child apparently was in place from June 17 until a hearing on June 29, when a second judge denied the restraining order application. It was unclear from court records Monday why the order was denied.

Domestic violence commonly starts in pregnancy and courts in many jurisdictions fail to understand the reality of male violence and the potential risk of fatal harm to children. Mothers who approach the family and judicial system for support to protect their children and themselves are frequently seen as disruptive and controlling and their fear dismissed as irrational.

The research into fatal male violence is clear, but far too many people choose to believe myths about men why men kill. As long as these myths remain, children like Aaden will be at risk from violent fathers.

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2 thoughts on “Domestic Violence ends with the murder of an infant

  • Every one should lobby the government to stop Domestic Abuse. http://www.parliament.uk/getinvolved/have_yoursay/lobbying/

    • derrington says:

      Whilst the government does nothing about the promotion of violence against women and children in men’s media/porn, which uses hate speech and violence to demonstrate male supremacy idiology over women and children, then sexist hate attacks in the home will continue. Gender terrorism is officially sanctioned by the government as ‘freedom of speech’ for porn to promote the violence which kills 126 women a year and maims thousands more. Policemen and so called justice ministeries all use this media, so its really not surprising that they dont take sexist violence seriously until the women or child is dead. Its like witch trials, you are guilty if you survive the drowning and are killed, and if you drown you are innocent but still killed. Such is our attitude to sexist violence.