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CPS Complaints

I'm so glad to support your petition, the CPS have shown themselves to be unanswerable
to anyone beyond hand wringing appolgies. Last August I had my complaint against the
CPS to the Parliamentary Ombudsman upheld this was one of the first two ever - both were
being investigated at the same time. This was over a domestic violence case in which I was
the victim/witness.

The pressure must be kept up. Did you know that the CPS have a 1 year file retention policy
In magistrates court and 3 years for crown court? This gives them no meaningfull
Way of monitoring their prosecutor's performance or judgement. But it's ok because
They don't need to! The only people to look at complaints received are the CPS themselves
and they refuse to look at the true substance of a complaint (ie; perverting the course of
justice or misconduct in public office).

Until there is a completely independent complaints
system in place, they remain a publicly funded body where the employees are protected from
any comeback for breaking the law, or treating with contempt or favour anyone they choose.
This makes them corruptible, and a very real threat to our criminal justice system.

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