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Complaint regarding BBC Breakfast coverage of the UCSB shooting, Sunday 25th May 2014

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to make a complaint regarding the reporting of the UCSB shooting on Saturday 24th May, being reported on BBC Breakfast on Sunday 25th May 2014.

I was very angry and disappointed that BBC Breakfast chose to report on this tragic case in a very irresponsible manner, entirely erasing the motive of women hatred from this story. Your reporters stated that Elliot Rodgers had written a 100 page manifesto where he admitted to wanting to "commit mass murder", entirely avoiding the fact that he wanted was vocal and explicit in his desire to murder WOMEN, not simply people. He wanted to commit mass murder of WOMEN. His writing and youtube videos, which are all in the public domain, focus on this and state his hatred of women and how he wanted to kill all women for their "crimes" of not having sex with him.

This is the story here; A story of male entitlement to women's bodies and the violence this misogynistic culture breeds. He spent a lot of his time on Men's Rights forums where they discuss women and feminism as something that should be controlled.

All of this information is of public interest and not to be avoided like some uncomfortable truth, like BBC Breakfast did this morning.

Elliot Rodgers' writing talks of how he wanted to put all women in concentration camps and slowly starve them to death. To avoid this is worrying and seems very underhand. I want to know what reason does the BBC have for misreporting this story and leaving out vital pieces of information? Why did the BBC focus solely on the male victims of this story? What purpose does this serve?

As a woman who has experienced online threats of murder, I find this avoidance of the subject really offensive and calculated. It is contributing to a culture where online abuse of women thrives. Already pages have gone up on facebook heralding Elliot Rodgers as a hero and people have excused his behaviour in their masses. These motives did not form in vacuum and therefore are essential pieces of information.

I, as a licence payer, would like to know why BBC Breakfast did not talk of his hatred of women as a vital part of the story.

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