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Children who ‘sell’ sexual services.

So an account that seeks to challenge the damaging myths and untruth about prostitution/sex work was a subject of controversy today.

This time, it was a damaging myth about children who are raped.

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The tweeter from @whorephobia believes that children can be sexworkers. Their core belief is that people who choose sex work have agency and autonomy. They are now extending that to include children.

“Underage sexworkers” by definition are children. Children do not “have sex” - they are raped and abused.

It’s fair to say that twitter is a fast and unforgiving medium. Sometimes tweets can be misconstrued or the tweeter may reflect and recant their views. Not so here. The tweeter continued to defend @whorephobia’s stance and instead of acknowledging the damage caused by their original tweet, the tweeter descended into insults and affirmation that children who are raped are agents of free will when it comes to prostitution.

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Just as “child porn” needs to be named for what it is: child rape and sexual abuse, so do “underage sexworkers”. There is no such thing. Children are trafficked and raped every single day. Important information about child rape, abuse and exploitation can be found at NSPCC & Barnardos. @whorephobia claim to be an advocate for “challenging the sterotypes of sex workers, highlighting #whorephobia fighting for our rights”.

Today this has come at the expense of victims of child rape.

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One thought on “Children who ‘sell’ sexual services.

  • Hecuba says:

    The innumerable men who continue to justify their pseudo male sex right to females of all ages must be ‘clapping their hands’ because this person is paroting mens’ common justifications/excuses as to why they should have sexual access to predominantly females of all ages including females under the age of 16.

    At what age would this person consider a female child has no ‘agency; autonomy or choice? One month old perhaps? However the age of the female doesn’t matter because the central issue is male pseudo sex right to females and claiming female children under the age of 16 have that mythical female sexual autonomy is an insult to all female children and adult women.

    No female has any sexual agency or autonomy because our Male Supremacist System has always claimed and continues to claim that females are always in a constant state of ‘sexual consent (ergo: female submission) to male sexual demands. Even the fact male supremacist system does accept females under the age of 13 cannot ‘consent’ does not preclude male sexual predators and their female apologists from claiming ‘ the female victim is a sexual nymphomaniac who has supposedly “seduced” an innocent older/adult male!