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Child Assaulted at School by her Teacher a response to the BBC

One of the most poignant memories from my childhood is sexual assault aged 9 perpetrated by a ‘friend’ of my father’s whose children were my age, we played together, this means he knew my age.

As I grew up there is no woman that I’ve met spoken to of these things who has not repeated similar tales of at least one, but often more, incidents like mine (and much much worse) in their childhood or teenage years this is of being touched up or assaulted by what we in those days called a “dirty old man”. Are our female children ever safe around men?

These days the dirty old men form groups campaigning to lower the age of consent to 13 or even lower. When it comes to sexual offences the law already appears to make a distinction between a child of 13 and a child aged 13- 16, and even then if under 13 did she look older? If she looks older than 13 does this mean she is sexual and therefore must be assaulted because of how she looks.

Whatever it is clear that girls must be denied a childhood to satisfy the insatiable urge of the male to put his penis somewhere and having done so, rather than live with the knowledge that he is a low life excuse for a human being… here comes the law to justify for him that he not really so bad because… after all she looked older.

Which is why when the BBC decided:

“Teacher had sex with Pupil all over the school”

was an apt headline for a teacher sexually assaulting a pupil in his care instead of:

“Child Raped by her Teacher”

it brought this home because it says it’s not his fault, she looked older, and she wasn’t you know… an innocent child, can’t take responsibility for their actions that prevails within men therefore someone else must be to blame.

“The teacher gave in temptation”

I can just see temptation dragging him kicking, screaming and clawing the walls in an attempt to stop himself being propelled towards his victim. I’m not buying it.

“The Crown aren’t saying she is innocent in this”

well the Crown should be damned well ashamed of itself. She was a child entrusted to his care that’s it. And while I’m on the subject get over this madonna/whore thing too it’s pathetic. She was a child and her right to a childhood should have been respected, not exploited, by her teacher. Again, are our female children ever safe around men?

I can go on at length about this but simply this, the language we use to describe sexual assault and rape is important. It is not about “othering” rapists and sex offenders because we know they are normal men, with normal lives who choose to break the law. When we frame the language to suggest consensual sex to a non-consensual situation and attempt to make the victim appear culpable for her (or his) assault it seeks to blur the boundaries of what is right and what is just plain wrong and the consequences of doing so, as we are seeing almost daily, does not bode well for our girls, our boys or society as a whole.

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One thought on “Child Assaulted at School by her Teacher a response to the BBC

  • Hecuba says:

    The systemic male created lies concerning male sexual predation upon women and girls is all part and parcel of mens’ systemic backlash against women because male pseudo sacrosanct sex right to female bodies must not be curtailed or eliminated!

    This is why mens’ legal system enacts the misogynistic claim that if a male rapes a female who is aged 13 and above she is automatically presumed to have ‘provoked the male or invited him to rape her! Hence she must prove to the court she did not ‘consent’ and if she fails to provide at least three independent male witnesses who can categorically state she did not incite the male sexual predator then she is automatically judged to be a ‘non-credible witness’ and the male sexual predator is acquitted. Naturally male sexual predators’ actions/behaviour are never subjected to minute scrutiny because a male’s credibility is always defined by his public reputation/profession not his personal history/personal behaviour.

    Male children who are aged between 0-16 are presumed not to have ‘invited or provoked the male sexual predator to rape them’ because males have always accorded themselves male right of sexual autonomy and ownership of their bodies.

    Women and girls continue to be denied by men’s male supremacist legal system legal sexual ownership of their bodies or even sexual autonomy because women and girls supposedly only exist to be males’ disposable/interchangeable masturbatory objects. Ergo this is why ‘respectable normal males’ are always presumed not to be those mythical monsters who jump out of bushes and rape innocent virginal (mythical) females.

    The systemic male propaganda that males must never be held accountable or criminalised for their male sexual predation upon female is increasing and all the old male created women-hating lies are being abundantly deployed. Ask yourselves who benefits from all these women-hating lies? Is it women and girls or is it males of all ages because male pseudo sex right to female continues to be viewed by men as sacrosanct and must never be curtailed or criminalised!