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BBC Norfolk’s Nick Conrad Thinks He’s A Slave to His Penis

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BBC Norfolk’s Nick Conrad Thinks He’s A Slave to His Penis and Blames Victims on #ChedEvans Discussion

Nick Conrad of BBC Radio Norfolk

“I’ve got to be so careful of what I say, I don’t want this to be explosive…” 

As if enough idiocy and nonsense hadn’t been spoken already in relation to consentrape culture and the whole sorry mess that is the Ched Evans saga – enter BBC Norfolk’s own Nick Conrad, proving that not only is victim blaming alive and well, but that allowing men to think that they are incapable of self control and slaves to their penises is a toxic combination when talking about the causes of rape.

The full quote can be viewed here, and believe me it is not pretty: every possible trope, every imaginable victim blaming cliché is trotted out, from the hoary old ‘prick tease’ myth to the ‘men are slaves to their desires’. The thinking is incredibly reductive, the level of victim blaming simply incredible.

Mr Conrad needs to spend some time with domestic violence and rape charities learning exactly why he is both capable of self-control, and why a woman is never ever to blame for rape.

You are not a slave to your penis Mr Conrad.

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