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BBC describes a woman reporting rape as making a “confession”

On BBC iplayer the caption for an Eastenders episode when Linda tells the police she has been raped, and gives a video statement as "Linda makes a brave confession". Confessing to the crime of being raped? I made a complaint but what has that ever changed? Anyone else got to the point they feel like it could be time for a licence fee boycott?

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3 thoughts on “BBC describes a woman reporting rape as making a “confession”

  • Hecuba says:

    Does this mean every time a male/males report they have been burgled/robbed/physically assaulted by another male – the male victims are ‘confessing to the crime of having been burgled/robbed/physically assaulted?’

    Women hating BBC writers enacting male supremacist reversals wherein the female victim becomes the perpetrator.

  • Michael weipert says:

    Agree about this and for many other reasons.

  • kathleen says:

    They’ve changed the iplayer caption to “Brave Linda reports her rape to the police”, which still sounds sort of odd – “her rape”? It’s a verb. It wasn’t her action. She reported having been raped.

    No reply yet to the complaint.