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Another Reason Christian Jessen is Wrong.

There has been quite a lot written about Christian Jessen and the fact he chose to highlight one isolated story of a false accusation of rape. Something that is very rare. Even more rare is a false conviction. I found his attitude when challenged to be quite staggeringly arrogant. However many people have made many points about that far better than I could.


However, there is a point I'd like to highlight. I did so with Christian Jessen but he ignored it. The woman who made the false accusation will no doubt be prosecuted, convicted and punished. Unlike the overwhelming majority of rapists. The reality is that when I go for a night out, when I find myself in a dark street alone, or travelling on public transport alone or a million and one similar situations, I don't have a single thought or worry that I might be falsely accused of rape. It never crosses my mind. The same for all of my male friends.

But, I know rape in these and other situations is a familiar worry and real possibility for my female friends. I have never been falsely accused of rape, neither have any of my friends or acquaintances. Unfortunately, far too many of my female friends and loved ones have suffered the harsh reality of rape. This is one of the real problems of Christian Jessens position on the subject.

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