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Yet another independent report stating the obvious that male sexual predation upon female children and young women is a pandemic and not just happening in one or two cities in the UK.

However, this report like previous reports on the issue of male sexual predation of female children has been depoliticised because apparently it is 'people' which is a euphemism for males who are the ones sexually preying on female children and young women. On no account must sex of these male perpetrators be named.

The below extracts demonstrates that contrary to this report's claim there is no symmetry whatsoever between male sexual predation on female children and male children.

'But boys are also victims of sexual exploitation. Many of the young people Coffey spoke to often found themselves in risky situations, sometimes without even realising it. One boy said the man at the local chip shop was always offering him vodka, while another had been offered a pair of Vans trainers by a man. Neither initially saw the offers as part of the grooming process.'

'During the eight months Coffey spent researching her report, schoolgirls, some prepubescent, told her that being harassed by older men while in their school uniform was simply “part of everyday life”. They also reported online abuse, but said it didn’t bother them. “Big men will stop little girls in the road and the street. In person, it’s real. But you can block it online,” said one girl.

They complained that men regularly tried to touch them or entice them into their cars, but that when police were alerted, officers told the girls: “Do not be causing trouble.” One girl told the MP: “The police have a stereotype of what we are, and we know that, so we do not go to them for help. We think: what’s the point? Young people do not call the police because we know how they look down at us. We have to just focus on getting away from the guys.'

'Ann Coffey, author of this report states: 'teenage boys should be educated on how to treat and respect girls. Lads at Factory Zone, a youth group in Harpurhey, north Manchester, said it was becoming increasingly common for boys to “control” girls and keep them “on discipline”. A youth worker, Kemoy Walker, told Coffey: “This involves constant ringing to check what girls are doing and demanding photos to prove their whereabouts, telling them what to wear and often keeping them in the house … I find it scary and it is becoming more and more common. You can see in the girls’ eyes that they are scared and are being controlled.”

The above proves males are overwhelmingly sexually preying on girls not boys. Nowhere in this report is there any claim that girls are routinely enacting female control and power over male peers. It is girls the male sexual predators are preying on and the reason is because innumerable males of all ages know they have the right to subject girls and young women to male sexual violence with impunity. Police forces and mens' legal system continues to mitigate/deny/absolve males of any accountability because the focus is always on blaming women and girls for males' choice and agency to commit male sexual violence against them.

Saying teenage boys should be educated on how to treat and respect girls is meaningless because this ignores how and why so many boys are enacting male domination over females. Boys learn via mens' malestream media and popular culture that males have the innate right to subject girls and women to male violence and/or male control. Mens' malestream media constantly promotes these women-hating lies and mens' vast pornography industry plays a primary role in reinforcing/justifying male sexual violence against women and girls. Boys and girls do not grow up in a vacuum wherein they are supposedly immune to this incessant women-hating male propaganda.

Decades of real Radical Feminist research and analysis as to the causes and justifications for pandemic male sexual predation upon women, girls and to a much lesser extent boys has once again been ignored. Instead a gender neutral approach is supposedly the definitive method of undertaking research into sexual predation whereby girls' and boys experiences of 'grooming' (note the active agents – meaning males are always invisible) are supposedly symmetrical. Apparently Radical Feminists have never subjected mens' Male Supremacist Legal System to analysis and scrutiny in order to challenge how and why mens' legal system continues to blame female victims of male sexual violence. How this male created female blaming operates to protect those innumerable 'respectable' (sic) male sexual predators from prosecution and conviction is irrelevant apparently!

Spokesperson Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the north-west claims the Crown Prosecution Service is successfully prosecuting these innumerable male sexual predators.  However, this is not what is actually happening because the CPS continues to enact the misogynistic belief that only certain 'female victims' of male sexual violence are 'real victims' and therefore only those cases which accord with mens' definition of 'real sexual violence' will be prosecuted.  This latest report states some of the pandemic rape myths continuing to dominate UK society and that is female girls who supposedly dress 'provocatively' are responsible for inciting innocent males to subject them to male sexual violence.  A female victim whose family life is not 'respectable according to white male doctrine' is deemed not to be a 'credible witness' because she supposedly wanted to be sexually preyed on by males.

Nazir Afzal claims:  'We would be extremely concerned if these comments were given as reasons for deciding not to take a case to court, but when setting out decision making it is also the duty of the prosecutor to anticipate likely angles that might be taken by the defence in their cross-examination of the victim, which could include references as it is alleged were made here.'

Afzal conveniently omits to state is that CPS prosecutors continue to believe that unless a female victim is 100% pure as defined by mens' moral standard then she is non-credible and she has not been subjected to male sexual violence!  The Crown Prosecution Service supposedly exists to prosecute crimes and this means challenging and rebutting common male sexual predators' claims that 'she was willing/she dressed provocatively; she didn't say no.'  Challenging these male created misogynistic lies is difficult but it is by no means impossible.  The Crown Prosecution Service's role is to prosecute male sexual predators and not collude with the male sexual predators by claiming female victims 'are to blame.' The Crown Prosecution Service does not routinely subject male victims of property crime to minute examination of their character/personal sexual history/life style in order to decide if the male victim was responsible for his own property theft!

However mens' Male Supremacist Legal System is not the only tool being used to justify/deny pandemic male sexual predation upon women and girls, because our Male Supremacist System has multiple propaganda tools which reinforce and justify male sexual predation upon females of all ages.  These tools include mens malestream media; male dominated popular culture and the male dominated medical profession - all of which continue to constantly promote mens' lie that women and girls are innate liars who routinely charge innocent males with sexual violence.

Mens' malestream media continues to promote women-hating by portraying women and girls as males' dehumanised disposable sexual service stations and these messages are being avidly accepted by males of all ages as the undisputed truth. These incessant women-hating messages continue to be accepted uncritically by women and men who sit on juries as 'the undisputed male truth about women and girls.'  This is why the conviction rate for males who have subjected women and girls to male sexual violence/rape remains at the appalling level of just 6.5% approximately.  This means the vast majority of male sexual predators continue to enjoy their male sex right to sexually prey on women and girls with impunity.

Radical Feminists have always known that malespeak language is another propaganda tool used to minimalise/hide exactly what women and girls are being subjected to when they are preyed on by male sexual predators. 'Abuse' is now the popular term used to refer to 'male sexual violence' or 'sexual violence' because this euphemises/hides the violence male sexual predators inflict on their female victims. Abuse commonly means 'insulting language' whereas violence means to cause injury.

Focusing on and seeing the bigger picture as to how and why boys learn it is their male right to dominate and oppress girls must not happen because that means challenging mens' Male Supremacist System and holding men accountable. Men have a vested interest in maintaining their lies that man (sic) is the definitive human whereas women and girls merely exist to be males' disposable dehumanised sexual service stations. This is why the issue of pandemic male sexual predation upon girls and women has now been depoliticised because men do not want the focus to be on them; their behaviour and their male pseudo sex rights.



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