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A victimless crime? (Content Note)

An article in the Wall Street Journal written by the Editor [via Do Not Link] states that sexual violence involving alcohol is a 'victimless crime'.

One of our supporters has sent this piece in response:
"I was drunk. Hammered actually. Had taken lots of drugs. Pretty culpable.
He was sober. Didn't drink so he could do this to women. Or he was a good college boy. You decide.
I'd had sex with him before. Wrong again. You know what im going to write, don't you?
It was pretty much what I should have expected.

I don't remember leaving. I remember him lifting me off the floor. I remember his laugh at his friend. I don't remember cause I was one of those girls, right?

I remember being face down when he anally raped me cause it was excruciatingly painful. I said no to that before. When i could speak. He obviously didn't like no - barely conscious was better. I remember him on top of me and my face pushed into the mattress. I remember thinking i would suffocate. I remember how casually he walked off when he was done to have a piss. That seemed to mean something. I remember how I drifted away.

I remember waking up and I remember the panic and the blood.

I remember it in my dreams now.

That was pretty victimless, right?"


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