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Sussex University failed duty of care to assault victim, inquiry finds by David Batty

The University of Sussex failed in its duty of care to a student who was assaulted by a lecturer, taking only the perpetrator’s account of their relationship into account when assessing the risk he posed, according to an independent inquiry.

The report comes after widespread criticism of the university’s decision not to suspend senior media lecturer Lee Salter, even after he was convicted of assaulting postgraduate student Allison Smith last June.

A report, published on Tuesday, said the university only suspended Salter after the media reported on the case in August. He resigned the same day that the story became public.

The Importance of Recognizing the Murder of Women as a Hate Crime  by Zoe Holman via @broadly

A leading cause of premature death for women around the world is men, but there is hesitation to acknowledge this fact. Meet the women fighting to get femicide victims the attention they deserve. ...

Casey Affleck’s Golden Globes win shows Hollywood’s double standard in action by Daisy Buchanan

... Like many people who work in Hollywood, Casey Affleck’s private life has been subjected to some level of speculation. In 2010, Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka both filed separate lawsuits against Affleck after working with him on the film I’m Still Here, which was released that year. Gorka described how Affleck subjected her to a “near daily barrage of sexual comments, innuendo and unwelcome advances,” and the experience was “the most traumatising of my career”. Both women allege that Affleck tried to initiate sexual contact even when they had made clear that it was unwanted.

To be clear, these are allegations, which Affleck has denied. Nothing has been proved in a court of law. Affleck agreed to settlements with both women, and the financial details have not been released to the public. No one can be sure of what did or did not happen. However, I think this demonstrates the way that the film industry, an area dominated by gossip, runs along gender lines. In Hollywood, women’s careers have been destroyed by lesser rumours. But men can rise above scandal like steam off hot coffee, and are permitted to work without rumours holding them back. Even men whose appalling behaviour has been proved are sometimes hailed as difficult geniuses, to be feted and garlanded with awards. ...

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