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Why do some UN peacekeepers rape?, by Azad Essa

UN peacekeepers are sent to the most war-ravaged countries on Earth, ostensibly to help them transition to peace.

But some stand accused of committing crimes against the very people they are supposed to protect.

According to a recent investigation by the Associated Press (AP), between 2004 and 2016, the United Nations received almost 2,000 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against its peacekeepers.

The UN says it has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, but survivors, activists, lawyers and human rights organisations say such crimes have been allowed to continue with impunity.

Through conversations with UN peacekeepers and officials, gender experts, academics, researchers and activists, as well as through an investigation of UN data, in this four-part series, we try to navigate these competing accounts to answer the question: How did some peacekeepers become predators?...

Social worker told domestic violence suspect where he could find his partner, by Tom Belger

A social worker was struck off after calling an alleged domestic violence victim a “pathological liar” - and telling the suspect where he could find her.

Kevin Sinclair, who worked for Sefton council , was investigating reports that a pregnant woman had been forced to jump out of a bedroom window to escape her then-partner. ...

He told the suspect when and where the alleged victim would be for a meeting, which the tribunal said put her and her unborn child at risk of harm.

The suspect was not allowed to contact his partner due to his bail conditions, but Sinclair then advised him how to breach them undetected.

The panel said the social worker told him police would be able to trace text messages - and also gave him “inappropriate advice” about shaving your head to avoid being caught in drug tests.

The tribunal, at the Health & Care Professionals Tribunal Service office in London, heard he also described the alleged victim in a manner “bordering on degrading”. ...

A Group Of Women Who Were Sexually Exploited As Teens Want Their Prostitution Convictions Wiped, by Hannah Al-Othman

A group of women who were forced into prostitution as teenagers have launched a landmark legal case to have their criminal convictions struck off.

The claim is being brought by three women and is supported by the evidence of several others, who all have criminal convictions arising from soliciting and loitering offences.

The women were all groomed and forced into prostitution as teenagers, which left them trapped in a cycle of abuse and exploitation for years to come.

Fiona Broadfoot, one of the three women bringing the case, was still a child when she was forced to work as a prostitute, repeatedly raped, and then criminalised when she came to the attention of police.

“I met a pimp aged 15 and two weeks later I was thrown into the violent and abusive world of prostitution," Broadfoot, 48, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, told BuzzFeed News. "Rape became an occupational hazard but I was arrested, charged, and criminalised for loitering for the purposes of being a common prostitute.

"After more than 20 years out of prostitution, I am still having to explain my criminal record to any prospective employer. It feels like explaining my history of abuse.”

She said she has an "eight-page double-sided criminal record" and that all but one of the convictions are linked to prostitution. "It's not a criminal record, it's a catalogue of abuse,"  ...

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