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What happens at a forensic medical examination following a rape or sexual assault via Edinburgh Rape Crisis

Nobody wants to have a rape exam. No one. That is a realistic place to start. This is not going to be great - but it does not have to make your trauma worse.

 I am a senior nurse who works in the service that provides forensic medical examination following a sexual assault or rape. I feel very privileged to be asked to write a blog for Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre (ERCC) about what happens in these examinations, what we are trying to achieve, and what you can expect.

 Intimate examinations take place when a person makes a complaint to the police of rape or sexual assault. After you have been interviewed by a specially trained officer called a ‘SOLO’ (sexual offences liaison officer), you will have the opportunity to have a medical examination.

 Consent is the key word here. If you prefer, you can ask for a female examiner – and we will do our best to provide one. If this is not possible - you can ask for a female nurse chaperone. This is what I would advise. You can also bring someone you trust in with you - your mum, your friend, your support worker. That is ok too. The order of the day is to get this examination done as efficiently and quickly as possible. ... 

8 things you can do for women's rights in 2017 by Natasha Hinde

With International Women’s Day in full swing, what better time to start taking actionable steps towards gender equality?

Earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of people - women, men, kids (even dogs) - attended Women’s Marches across the globe in what was a phenomenal stand against inequality and social injustice.

Off the back of it, we spoke to eight feminist campaigners about how we can continue to tackle gender inequality this year and beyond. ...

MPs urge better child support system amid concerns over single-parent families via @moneyaol

Urgent action is needed to improve the child support system amid concerns single-parent families are "slipping through the safety net", MPs have warned.

The Work and Pensions Committee said the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) must be tougher on enforcing payment of child support and tackling gaps in its provision for cases of domestic violence.

In a new report, the cross-party group of MPs urged ministers to tackle prolonged under-payment by some absent parents as well as "shameless self-employed" parents who exploit a legal loophole that allows them to avoid paying the right amount of child support to their families. ...

Let’s not kid ourselves that 'stealthing' is a trend. It is rape by Vonny Moyes

SO far, 2017 hasn’t been stingy in giving us a steady series of vignettes on human darkness. Knowing unequivocally that we’re not living in an episode of Black Mirror, at least once a week I find myself seriously considering a premature exodus from contemporary society for a cabin up a hill, far away from other people.

As regular readers will know, I spend a lot of time scraping around in the darkest corners of the internet looking at how digital norms shape our offline realities. Sometimes it feels like being a deep-sea trawlerman, pulling things out of the depths that people can't quite believe are real and would rather you just left where they were. A few weeks ago it was sex for rent, this week it’s “stealthing” – the practice of non-consensual condom removal or sabotage. To compound the horror, this isn’t happening in isolation. There are whole online communities of men sharing tips and encouraging one another to do it. It’s already considered criminal in Ireland, Canada and Sweden. ...

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