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'Pull it out, take it off, put it back in': A man explains why he stealths women by@rachel_hosie

Stealthing - the act of non-consensually removing a condom during sex - has been the subject of much discussion since a study into the act was published last month.

Rape Crisis have condemned stealthing as a sex crime, and this week it was added to the definition of rape in California law.

“Stealthing is rape,” said Cristina Garcia, who chairs the Legislative Women’s Caucus. “Penetration without consent is rape.”

Many people share this view, and yet a lot of men routinely stealth their sexual partners. ...

FA clearly falling short on transparency in sexual abuse scandal by Daniel Taylor

... Unfortunately, Clarke seems to have a strange idea about what transparency means, judging by the way the FA has pulled down the shutters since the Guardian’s disclosure last week that eight professional clubs had in effect blanked the independent inquiry. All those clubs have now, I’m reliably informed, supplied the relevant information, presumably suspecting they might be in for some damaging publicity now the story had reached a national newspaper. But they need not have worried. The FA has refused, point-blank, to name the guilty parties, no matter that it goes all the way back to 11 January since those clubs were asked to pass on whatever information they had and two deadlines – 15 March and then the end of April – were subsequently ignored, undermining and challenging the entire process. Or, indeed, that as late as Friday, 128 days on, one club still had not cooperated, for reasons we will probably never know.

Is this Clarke’s idea of transparency? It feels more like an attempt to hush everything up, which is precisely what the FA promised it would not do, and it would certainly be appreciated if he could explain how the decision to give these clubs a free pass tallies with his previous comments. Unfortunately, a series of telephone calls trying to get an explanation, via his clutch of press aides, has yielded nothing. ...

Thousands of police on the beat without current background checks by Victoria Gould

Figures reveal 90% of officers employed by one force have not been vetted in line with current policy.

Vetting aims to help prevent corruption in the police by checking an officer or potential officer's background.

Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary Mike Cunningham said forces "need to address this matter urgently".

Responding to a request from the BBC under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, Northumbria Police admitted almost 3,000 or nine out of ten of its officers still had not been vetted in line with the most recent policy. ...

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