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This Missouri City Banishes Domestic Violence Survivors for Calling the Police by Sandra Park via @aclu

In 2012, the city of Maplewood, Missouri ordered Rosetta Watson to vacate her home. But the city wasn’t done punishing Watson yet and also barred her from living anywhere in the city for six months. Her offense? She called the police four times seeking protection from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Under Maplewood’s local ordinance, more than two calls to police regarding domestic violence within 180 days qualifies as a “nuisance,” as do commission of acts prohibited by federal, state, or local laws at a property. The ordinance does not exempt situations where residents need to call police for help or where they are crime victims. Once Maplewood decides that a nuisance took place, it can revoke the residents’ occupancy permits — which are required to live in Maplewood — and deny new ones for six months, exiling the residents from the city. ...

Rape victims with criminal records denied compensation by Harriert Agerhollm

Rape victims are routinely denied compensation because they have convictions for minor offences such as failing to pay a TV licence, according to a new study.

One legal adviser who worked with victims told researchers the system was “set up so that [judges] can find any excuse possible not to compensate” victims.

The report fuelled concerns that bureaucracy and budget constraints were stopping sexual assault survivors receiving funding they needed to access essential services like housing and counselling. ...


 'Sarah's Report' 20 years on - I thought my child would be safe: by Jayne Morgan

A mother has called for an investigation after claiming her daughter ended up at greater risk after she was taken into care.

She said her daughter had 17 placements in the four years and missed nearly two years of school.

It comes some 20 years after a similar case of a 12-year-old - who the media called Sarah.

The case led to the publication of Sarah's Report which exposed failings in the care system and was supposed to ensure fail-safe improvements.


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