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In the News – child custody for rapists, stalking, and family annihilators

All male committee decides rapists have rights to see victim's children by Will Worley

A group of all male politicians have rejected a law that would prevent rapists from having parental rights to their victims' children.

Campaigners were left "angry and disappointed" after Maryland’s General Assembly voted against enacting the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act.

No women sat on the five-strong committee which voted against the bill, which means that rape victims who choose to bear the child will still have to negotiate with their attackers over custody rights or whether they put the child up for adoption.  ...

Man who raped stranger hours before his wedding given life term by Caroline Davies

A bridegroom who raped a stranger hours before his wedding after being released on parole for a similar crime was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday and must serve a minimum of nine years.

Derry McCann, 28, raped a 24-year-old woman as she walked back from an art show hours before he married his pregnant girlfriend in January.

He dragged her into Victoria Park in east London and subjected her to a two-hour ordeal, raping her three times, taunting and degrading her, playing “mind games” with her, and stealing her bra and mobile phone.

Snaresbrook crown court heard that he had been on parole at the time, having being released from prison 13 months earlier from a life sentence for a carbon copy rape committed in 2006, when he was 17.

Sentencing him, judge Martyn Zeidman, said McCann would not be considered for parole for at least nine years and that it may never happen. ...

Abuse survivor's emotional tribute after mum and sister were killed by his father by  via @MetroUK

What I’ve written below is something that I’ve never been able to say and probably never will be able to say in person to my little brother, Ryan.

On the 19th July 2016 our father shot and killed our mum Claire and our 19 year old sister Charlotte. It was the result of decades of abuse and controlling and intimidating behaviour. He was a tyrant who wouldn’t let his family live outside of his domination. Our father was a terrorist living within our own home; he had no cause but to frighten his family and to generate his own esteem from trampling and bullying us. For over a decade we had tried to leave on numerous occasions but he manipulated and threatened on every occasion.

Ever since we were young boys Ryan and I aspired for a better life for mum and Charlotte and to finally give our family the life our father had deprived us of. Ryan and I had been working abroad since leaving university and had raised enough money to rent a small place for Charlotte and mum whilst we saved to find a place elsewhere for them. We moved mum out of our house whilst our father was out, only a few days before the event on the 19th July. Killing our mother and sister was our father’s final denial of the future we had spent our lives trying to create for mum and Charlotte, the life that they deserved. He killed himself in an act of cowardice, finally showing how little he had to live for outside of punishing his family for his own distorted sense of power. ...

Stalking behaviour identified in 94% of murders, study shows by Jamie Grierson

Stalking behaviour has been identified in nine in 10 murders studied by criminologists as part of research examining a link between the two crimes.

The six-month study by the University of Gloucestershire found stalking was present in 94% of the 358 cases of criminal homicides they looked at. Surveillance activity, including covert watching, was recorded 63% of the time.

The chief executive of the trust, Rachel Griffin, said: “Stalking is an obsession which can increase in risk and severity and needs to be addressed under an early intervention model. ....


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