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In the news (28.11) on male violence, #predatorypeacekeepers and femicide

Since I gave you a phone it’s not rape by GUILAINE KINOUANI at openDemocracy

... Under colonialism African childhood and womanhood were aggressively denied as part of a conscious effort to dehumanise. Remnants of this system of oppression continue to shape the treatment of black people today, with those at the bottom of the hierarchy of blackness, being the most disposable.  Indeed, the impunity which surrounds the abuse by western men of third world black bodies exemplifies this. Speaking of ‘transactional sex’ is, therefore, both a vehicle for old colonial notions and a way for predatory peacekeepers to resist accountability for their rape and sexual exploitation of children and of vulnerable women. However, given that recent evidence suggests almost half of the British public sees colonialism as something to be proud of and, that about a third consider that ‘we talk too much about the cruelty and racism of Empire, and ignore the good that it did’, then no doubt mass murder/mutilation can be offset against any purported ‘economic development’. Under this logic, perhaps being given a mobile phone can be seen to constitute consent and even rape can be offset against ‘lifestyle improvements’. 

BBC News - Metropolitan Police sex abuse case 'failings put children at risk' 

10 reasons why I will ignore White Ribbon day 

A far-right terrorist murdered Jo Cox. So when is the Cobra meeting?  by Maria Norris

When a Man Kills a Woman by @K_IngalaSmith via openDemocracy

"Responses to men’s violence against women which focus almost exclusively on  ‘healthy relationships’, supporting victim-survivors  and reforming the criminal justice system simply do not go far enough. Men’s violence against women is a cause and consequence of sex inequality between women and men.  The objectification of women, the sex trade, socially constructed gender, unequal pay, unequal distribution of caring responsibility are all  simultaneously symptomatic of structural inequality whilst maintaining a conducive context for men’s violence against women. Feminists know this and have been telling us for decades. ...

When two boys died, laws changed. But these 32 deaths from domestic violence deserve more  via @smh

As a result of its catastrophic 2013 Going Home Staying Home "reforms", there are now only 14 refuges in the entire state that specialise in dealing with domestic violence, according to an audit of every refuge conducted by SOS Women's Services a year ago. Before the "reforms" there were 78.

We know that at least a third of those refuges listed on the government's own Family and Community Services website are not contactable outside business hours according to a survey by the NSW Coalition for Women's Refuges and reported in the Herald  this year. ...

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