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In the News (21.11) – on austerity, Reclaim the Night, White Ribbon campaign & @SistersUncut

Why I Reclaim the Night: Being a Black Woman in Public Space by @ClaireShrugged

I’m writing this on the train home. Legs tucked carefully to one side. Eyes down, even when I’m not looking at the notepad, because I don’t want any man to use his entitlement to female attention to translate an incidental glance into an invitation to talk. I get the train back from Glasgow around this time of evening a few times every week. It’s a familiar environment. I’ve spent thousands of hours in identical carriages. But I never let my guard down. I don’t let the rocking of the train lull me to sleep after a busy day, like the man opposite has. ...

Women's rights group blocks bridges in domestic violence cuts protest 

A women’s rights group blocked bridges across the UK on Sunday in advance of the autumn statement, in protest at cuts to specialist services for black and minority ethnic domestic violence survivors.

Around 600 women from anti-domestic violence group Sisters Uncut, whose last direct action saw them disrupt the red carpet at the premier of the film Suffragette, set off flares and blocked traffic on bridges in London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Bristol at 1pm.

The group is critical of Theresa May’s pledge of £20m of temporary funding for domestic violence services, which activists call a “sticking plaster on a haemorrhage”. ...

White Ribbon Australia splits on direction

It was a potent spectacle: a Hercules airlifter thundering above the lawns of Parliament House, a white ribbon painted on its tail, a breakfast of politicians gathered below. The air force flyover made headlines on every news bulletin that night – as did White Ribbon Day, which the stunt was celebrating.

A display of military might at the epicentre of political power is perhaps a counterintuitive way to honour Australia’s leading program for the prevention of violence against women. Yet for many, it was a symbol of how things have gone awry at this once revered institution.

White Ribbon has become a household name, commanding the ear of government on one of the most complex social issues of modern times. But at what cost? ...

Austerity effect hits women ‘twice as hard as it does men’ by Sonia Sodha

Women will have shouldered 85% of the burden of the government’s changes to the tax and benefits system by 2020, according to figures published ahead of next week’s autumn statement.

The analysis, by independent thinktank the Women’s Budget Group, shows that tax and benefit changes since 2010 will have hit women’s incomes twice as hard as men by 2020. Women will be £1,003 a year worse off by 2020 on average; for men, this figure is £555.

Less affluent women will be the worst affected: those with below-average incomes will find themselves £1,678 worse off. Many belong to the “just managing” families – those getting by on less than average earnings – that Theresa May has pledged will be a key priority for the government.

The Women’s Budget Group’s forecasts assume that the government proceeds with all of its planned changes to tax and benefits in the runup to 2020, including the roll-out of universal credit. They also take into account increases in the “national living wage”, set to rise to £9 an hour by 2020. Eva Neitzert, the group’s director, said: “Women, especially those on low incomes, have shouldered the largest burden of austerity measures. Overall, women stand to lose twice as much as men by 2020, and for those on the lowest incomes this means a cut of between 11 and 15%.” ...

Ending Violence Against Women Media Awards (England/ Wales) - Shortlist Announced by End Violence against Women

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