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In the News- 20.6-27.6

Why the silence on the scandal of unpaid child maintenance? by Polly Toynbee

Fathers4Justice staged another of its misogynist demos yesterday, briefly barging into the studio of ITV’s Loose Women while it was on air, claiming the programme denigrates men. They waved £20 notes and Y-fronts printed with “Pants to the CSA” in a protest calling on fathers to boycott the Child Maintenance Service (replacing the old Child Support Agency), which they say “has reduced dads to the status of cashpoints and sperm banks”. Why now? Because it’s Father’s Day on Sunday.

However, a boycott by its members may be barely noticed by the mothers who receive no maintenance at all for their children. If separated mothers weren’t so hard pressed trying to earn a living and care for their children alone, it should be them storming the TV studios and standing on roofs to protest at the extraordinary failure of successive governments to get fathers to pay what they owe towards their children. ,..

Hundreds Of Professors Sign Letter Condemning Yale Philosopher  via @katiejmbaker

More than 200 professors have signed an open letter to “strongly condemn” the Yale professor and world-renowned philosopher Thomas Pogge following a BuzzFeed News investigation into accusations that he sexually harassed students and misused his academic position. ...

The signees include nearly every tenured professor in the Yale philosophy department, including the department chair, Stephen Darwall, as well as prominent professors from across the United States, Canada, and Europe, such as New York University’s Peter Unger and the University of Chicago’s Martha Nussbaum.

BuzzFeed News’ investigation revealed that one of Pogge’s former undergraduate thesis students, along with two other women, filed a federal civil rights complaint against Yale in October 2015, claiming the school violated gender equity law Title IX by mishandling complaints against Pogge. The complaint alleges that Pogge, a professor of philosophy and international affairs, sexually harassed the former student, Fernanda Lopez Aguilar, then retaliated against her by firing her from a postgraduate fellowship. The complaint also includes evidence that Pogge was disciplined for sexual harassment at Columbia University, where he taught before coming to Yale, as well as other claims of misconduct involving young female students around the world. ...

A Family-Friendly Policy That’s Friendliest to Male Professors

The underrepresentation of women among the senior ranks of scholars has led dozens of universities to adopt family-friendly employment policies. But a recent study of economists in the United States finds that some of these gender-neutral policies have had an unintended consequence: They have advanced the careers of male economists, often at women’s expense.

Similar patterns probably hold in other disciplines, too.

The central problem is that employment policies that are gender-neutral on paper may not be gender-neutral in effect. After all, most women receive parental benefits only after bearing the burden of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and often, a larger share of parenting responsibilities. Yet fathers usually receive the same benefits without bearing anything close to the same burden. Given this asymmetry, it’s little wonder some recently instituted benefits have given men an advantage. ...

Jack the Ripper. Not a love story. Not a romance. ... at sian and crooked rib

Picture the scene. A group of publishers are sat around the brainstorming table. A new book on Jack the Ripper is due for publication. They’ve already decided the title is going to be ‘Jack the Ripper: A True Love Story’. Now they need a snappy tagline.

‘Got it!’ says one of them. ‘You know how Jack the Ripper like, actually literally cut open women and removed their organs?’

‘Yes’ comes the reply.

‘How about: She had taken his heart and now he’s stealing hers. Because he like, ripped out women’s organs. Their wombs as may be, but hearts are organs too.’

‘Yes!’ comes the reply.

I mean, I don’t know if that’s how the meeting went. I’m speculating. Because I am trying to work out the thought process that not only decided to portray some of the most brutal murders perpetuated against women as a ‘love story’, but the further decision to use a strapline implying that seducing a man is the same as actually removing her organs in a gross act of sadistic male violence.  ...

Ellie Butler murder: are the female partners of abusive men responsible for their crimes? by @glosswitch

On Tuesday Ben Butler was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years in prison for the murder of his six-year-old daughter Ellie. It’s a death that is particularly tragic because not only was it predictable, but it was predicted, again and again.

Ben Butler was a violent man, with prior convictions for assaulting an ex-girlfriend and two strangers. He was jailed for attacking Ellie when she was six weeks old, but this conviction was later quashed. He and Ellie’s mother, Jennie Gray, won back custody of Ellie in 2012, despite Gray’s grandfather protesting that this would lead to the little girl’s death. It took just eleven months for this prediction to come true. ...

Domestic Abuse Can Deny Women Their Vote - Here's How by Polly Neate

The deadline for registering to vote in the 2015 General Election is today (Monday 20 April). If you don’t register, you cannot vote. Much has been made of the fact that 9million women didn’t vote in 2010, and that more women than men are undecided about which party they will support: winning women’s votes is a key objective for all the parties.

And everyone who has the right to vote also has the right to be empowered to do so.

But that’s where there is a hidden problem - one which, in 2015, still means women’s right to vote is restricted. Some women cannot vote because it is too dangerous for them to sign up to the electoral register: retaining anonymity when signing up to the Electoral Register is complicated - and, in some instances, impossible. ...


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