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In the News (18.7.16)

Oscar Pistorius sentence: an homage to celebrity and white privilege by Ranjeni Munusamy

Faced with the prospect of a 15-year prison sentence for murder, few people would opt to tell their life story in a lengthy interview with an international television station.

Then again, most of us do not lead such exceptional lives. Most of us do not shoot our partners in our homes. Most of the people convicted of murder do not get a hearing on the world stage. Most of them aren’t in a position to cry about their treatment on television.

Oscar Pistorius fired four high-calibre bullets into Reeva Steenkamp and then felt sorry for himself for being burdened with the process of justice that held him accountable for killing her.

An even greater inconvenience was being sentenced again, for murder instead of the initial culpable homicide conviction, after a ridiculous one-year incarceration before he was paroled. ...

On the killing of Qandeel Baloch via @BinaShah

...Today Qandeel Baloch is dead, strangled by her own brother for reasons that aren’t yet clear, because he killed the 25-year old Internet star and then ran away. Her father has filed an FIR (First Information Report) against his two sons, who reportedly also were interested in the money she had earned in her short career.

Baloch had also gotten involved in a scandal with a religious scholar, and it’s yet to be seen whether he had anything to do with her murder. In the aftermath of the scandal, the local media found out her real name and published details of her family. Perhaps this was the move that made her brothers decide their family had been shamed and their honor need to be avenged. ...

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