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“What fathers think of their daughters boyfriends” meme is simply misogynistic

This video was sent to us by one of our supporters. Her comments are below the video.

These types of memes are shared as 'oh-so-hilarious' jokes. But, there is nothing funny about men who make jokes about controlling their daughters by preventing them from entering consensual relationships. Men who raise their daughters in a house free of misogyny are good fathers. Men who treat their daughters as property are misogynists. They are the very men who (re)create the culture in which violence against women and girls flourishes.

These types of videos aren't funny. It's just the same old misogynistic twaddle.

"If you get a boyfriend, I'll break his legs."
"Then I'll take his daddy hostage and lock him in a cupboard."
"You're not going to get a boyfriend, you're going to be a nun."

The dad is just joking, right? Do you think his daughter gets the joke? Or is she getting her first lessons about what it means to be a girl?

- You are my property and I will forcibly deny your agency
- Controlling and aggressive behaviour is really love
- Threats of violence are an acceptable way to control you
- I am the gatekeeper of your sexual purity
- I have the power to make your desire to have a life beyond me a public joke

One in three little girls will grow up to be the victim of domestic violence. If your daughter wants a boyfriend, maybe teach her what real love and respect are so it's not *her* legs which end up broken, hey?


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