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We urge a police investigation into Manchester United Players ‘Sex Tape’

We are very concerned about the story circulating in the media this morning concerning a number of Manchester United players. The Independent, among others, is reporting that several Manchester United players recorded an intimate sex act between another player and a woman without consent, and then shared the video with other teammates - again, without consent.

The making of intimate images or videos without consent is sexual assault.

Sharing intimate images or videos without consent is sexual assault.

This incident follows Women and Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan's launch of a helpline to support victims of so-called 'revenge porn' and exemplifies our concerns with the term as we know that 1) men who see the term porn assume consent has been given or do not care about consent; 2) the word revenge implies that the woman has done something deserving of punishment - that it is her fault that the video had to be released.

We need a fundamental change to the language we use when discussing intimate videos and images made and shared without consent: it is sexual assault and it IS part of the continuum of violence against women and girls.

The actions of the Manchester United players should not be investigated by the club. The police should be investigating the players for committing sexual assault - those who made the video and those who chose to watch it. As with the videos and images stolen from the iCloud storage of various female celebrities last year, it is rape culture in action.

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