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We support Hillary Clinton

Our organisation has a consistent policy of not publicly supporting any specific political party. No political party has created a policy document that actively recognises the humanity of all residents prioritising .

The current conservative (and previous coalition) government have a well documented history of policies which are inherently misogynistic, racist, disablist and classist. They have forced hundreds of thousands of residents of Britain into poverty with cuts to services that disproportionately negatively impact working class communities, women, people with disabilities and People of colour.* Unfortunately, no current political party has stood up to challenge their fallacious and harmful narratives on migration, the NHS, education, social care, and poverty. We cannot, in good conscience, support any political party because they all fail to recognise the humanity of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Our support for Hillary Clinton is not because she is the perfect candidate or because we support all of her policies. In fact, we are highly critical of many. However, we are publicly supporting Clinton because the misogyny, racism, disablism, and violence that has accompanied the Trump campaign must not be tolerated. We cannot change a political system that allows a man who believes threats and abuse are valid political tools run for president, we can, however, make a stand against threats and abuse as campaigning tactics.

In a country where there are effectively only 2 political parties, we cannot remain silent in the face of a campaign predicated on violence. We hope to wake up to a Clinton presidency on Wednesday morning - not just because the first woman president is important - but because the alternative is to allow a man who believes sexual assault is normal, racism is fine and human rights a joke to become president.

Voting for Donald Trump is a vote for everything our campaign stands against.


This is the first time we have publicly supported a candidate and we support Hillary Clinton.


*These categories are not distinct. People fall within multiple categories and we are aware of the linguistic issues which result in the erasure of people from within their own communities by this type of categorisation.

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