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The New Excuse for Fatal Male Violence: “Trust Issues”

Kayleigh-Anne Palmer was only 16 years old when her partner Aston Robinson (18) strangled her to death. Palmer was also 6 months pregnant. Robinson had a history of violent and controlling behaviour.

The BBC report from the trial contains these statements:

Asked if it was a deliberate act to stop her breathing, he said: "Yes, but not like that, only [for] a few seconds. I wanted her to be quiet."

Talking about why he had strangled her, he said: "It will teach her a lesson... to stop her going with other boys".

Robinson made a deliberate choice to wrap a scarf around Palmer's neck and strangle her. He had a history of violent and yet somehow Robinson's "trust issues" are a part of the narrative. Let us be very clear here: Robinson did not have "trust issues". He was an abusive man who made the choice to physically harm his partner on previous occasions. He made a choice to prevent Palmer from speaking to other men. Robinson made a choice to wrap a scarf around Palmer's neck. He made a choice to hold it tight enough and long enough for both Palmer and the fetus to die.

This isn't about whether or not Robinson "trusted" Palmer. This is yet another example of a violent man making a choice to kill a woman and then attempt to blame her for her death. Suggesting this murder was due to Robinson's "trust issues" is to excuse his responsibility for the death of Palmer. It is reprehensible that we allow this narrative to continue without question in the mainstream media.

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One thought on “The New Excuse for Fatal Male Violence: “Trust Issues”

  • Hecuba says:

    Aston Robinson made a choice and enacted his agency in deciding to murder Ms. Palmer but as usual male perpetrators always excuse/deny their accountability. Likewise mens’ Male Supremacist Legal System commonly accepts mens’ excuses for their choice to subject women to violence and all too often lethal violence.

    Malestream media is a powerful tool of men’s Male Supremacist System so we should not be surprised media reports uncritically mens’ lies. However, this does not mean we should passively accept malestream media propaganda excusing male perpetrators’ accountability which is why we must speak out and hold malestream media accountable for condoning/justifying male violence against women and girls.