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Press Release: Potential Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Westminister

We welcome an open inquiry into the allegations of a cover up of child sexual exploitation, assault  and rape within Westminister, however, any inquiry must put the needs of victims first which includes a right to privacy and the choice to testify. We would also ask that all parties involved in the inquiry undertake specialist training via rape crisis or another organisation so that all parties fully understand the complexities of trauma and memory, as well as full understanding of the legal position involved.

We would like to see the media cover the inquiry using appropriate language like child rape rather than paedophilia as the majority of men who choose to commit sexual violence against children do not meet the clinical diagnostic criteria for paedophilia. We want to ensure that terms like "child sex parties" and "child sex orgies" are deemed grossly inappropriate. Sexual violence is not sex and conflating the two actively harms victims and survivors.

As seen with the recent allegations against Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Max Clifford, systemic victim blaming and a refusal to believe victims of sexual violence makes it very difficult for survivors to bring forward allegations. Certainly the abuse directed at Vanessa Feltz for coming forward with her personal story of sexual assault by Rolf Harris is clear evidence that many members of the general public, as well as those employed within the criminal justice system, still assume that sexual violence is party the fault of the victim.

We want to ensure that any inquiry is victim-centered and starts from understanding of the definitions, legal and otherwise, of  sexual exploitation, grooming, and violence



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2 thoughts on “Press Release: Potential Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Westminister

  • Another Victim Survivor says:

    Having experienced for years how my local vile police force, from the most Senior officers down (inc. IPCC) cover up Historic Child Rape to protect numerous police officers homophobic conduct, misconduct, abuse, lies, intimidation & threats, dishonesty, criminality & even perjury (http://everydayvictimblaming.com/submissions/child-rapists-how-police-protect-their-own/)

    As a survivor of multiple child rape, over multiple years, by multiple persons from age six through to age ten, I simply do not believe the ‘establishment’ has the grits to expose the depth of corruption & dishonesty ‘protected’ by Mp’s & Senior police officers.

  • Hecuba says:

    One hopes malestream coverage of this inquiry does not use terms such as ‘adults’ but names which sex has allegedly engaged in ‘child sexual exploitation/child rape.’ One also hopes sex of alleged child victims is also named because it is essential public learns sex of ‘child victims’ rather than as usual collapsing issue as one of ‘child sexual predatation.’

    Men have always used whatever means in their power to hide/deny the fact it continues to be overwhelmingly males who are the ones sexually preying on adult women and female children. Certainly males continue to enact their male pseudo sex right to prey on male children too but hiding sex of child victims is essential in maintaining mens’ fiction that ‘only paedophiles sexually prey on children.’ Majority of male sexual predators are not ‘paedophiles’ rather they are normal respectable males who enact automatic male sex right to females of all ages and/or boy children.

    ‘Sex’ is ‘enactment of male sexual pleasure via sexually preying on females of all ages and/or boy children. Ergo – the issue is one of how males continue to construct and defend male sexuality as being one of innate male sex right to females of all ages as well as male sex right to boy children.

    It is ‘sex’ for the male sexual predators but male sexual violence for the female victims and/or boy children who are sexually targeted by these innumerable male sexual predators.

    Ignoring how men continue to construct male sexuality and justify pseudo male sex right to female bodies and boy children’s bodies serves to hide how and why so many males sexually prey on women, girls and boys.