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North Wales Police are confused about who’s responsible for domestic violence

North Wales Police comms officers clearly haven't been paying attention to any training (if they've even had any) on domestic violence and who the perpetrators actually are:Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 19.05.51

Blaming victims for the behaviour of perpetrators does not increase confidence that the police will deal with domestic violence with compassion or understanding. This tweet demonstrates a clear failure to recognise the reality of domestic violence and the risk factors of perpetrators - starting with the fact that men's violence increases when a woman tries to end the relationship.

Domestic violence is about power, control and entitlement. Sports do not make men violent. Men make a choice to be violent. They make a choice to use sporting events as an excuse for their behaviour. Victims are not responsible for the choices and excuses of violent men. A police comms officer who does not understand this supports violent men in their belief that they are entitled to engage in violence.

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