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Man convicted of owning 137 000 images of children being sexually abused is spared jail to start family

Richard Arrowsmith was found in position of 137 000 images and 4336 videos of child sexual abuse that he had downloaded over 4 years. 400 videos were class A (the most extreme), 255 were in category B. 186 films and 851 images were in category c. "There were 1,692 movies and images ranging from Category A to C as well as the 4,336 videos and 137,000 images that remained uncategorised."

He could have received a 5 year prison sentence having pled guilty.

Instead, Arrowsmith was given a suspended sentence because he 'wanted to start a family'.

The excuses by Recorder Martin Butterworth are:

“You are 41 years old, with no previous convictions and you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

“There are three charges against you in relation to the possession of indecent images of children.

“I am taking into consideration your previous good character, you have a wife who supports you, a steady employment and your hopes to start a family in the near future.

I suppose we should be thankful that Butterworth recognised that viewing and possessing images of child sexual abuse, rape and torture aren't "victimless crimes". It's unfortunate he felt Butterworth's desire to "start a family" was more important than holding him accountable for perpetuating and perpetrating child sexual abuse. After all, a suspended sentence, being placed on the sexual offenders list, a curfew, a fine of £250 and the the requirement to engage in 160 hours of unpaid work will definitely prevent Butterworth from committing more crimes. Because the high recidivism rate of men who commit child sexual abuse and rape isn't really a problem either.

Arrowsmith should have received jail time to reflect the seriousness of his crimes. That he has never been convicted of a crime previously is irrelevant (after all, it's not like he collected all of these images in one day) considering the vast majority of men who engage in the sexual abuse of children by downloading and viewing videos and images are rarely caught. "Good character" is simply a way of excusing men's criminal acts by separating these acts from the performance of being 'good'. No 'good' man ever looks at images and videos of children being sexually abused. It is utterly preposterous to suggest otherwise. This is without recognising the number of men who sexually abuse and rape their own children - and who then upload images and videos of this abuse. Realistically, most men who commit these crimes are fathers. Insinuating that fatherhood may prevent further crimes is asinine and dangerous.

This is rape culture: when a man's job and future are considered more important than the safety of children. It is also male entitlement: insisting that Arrowsmith's desire to have children is more important than the safety of actual children. It prioritises his wants over the needs of actual children.

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One thought on “Man convicted of owning 137 000 images of children being sexually abused is spared jail to start family

  • Hecuba says:

    This is how mens’ Male Supremacist Legal System continues to operate – by excusing/denying male accountability! As usual the serial male sexual predator’s public respectability was supposedly proof ‘he is a good man who if he becomes a father will be an ideal male role model for the children he has merely fathered!’

    Male sexual predators such as this mediocre male are ensuring mens’ global pornography industry continues and this industry includes child pornography and also pornography wherein it is adult or almost adult women who are the ones sexually preyed on and subjected to filmed male sexual violence!

    Women however have no right to claim ‘I am a pillar of the community so therefore I should not be imprisoned for shop lifting!!’ Instead mens’ male supremacist legal system claims a woman’s respectability is defined by her supposed ‘sexual morality’ which the boys always eagerly claim is not specific to only women but never men!

    So another serial vile male sexual predator is given a ‘slap on the wrist’ and he will seek out ways of how to hide/protect his male identity every time he continues to enjoy his pseudo male sex right to view images of filmed male sexual violence/male sexualised torture inflicted on women, girls, babies and of course boys!