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General Election 2017: The importance of tactical voting to end the Tory Government

Our campaign has consistently made the same demands of all political parties at local, regional, mayoral, national and EU elections:

We have not written in support of any one political party as no manifesto is perfect and there are already numerous  developed by grassroots organisations, service providers, and local organisations in order to change policy of political parties. However, the utter destruction of the welfare state under the current Conservative government has forced us to change our position from insisting all candidates make public their stance on the previous demands, to a policy of tactical voting to remove the Conservative government before it can harm more people.

These are only a few of the extremely harmful policies introduced by the current Conservative government, some of which commenced during the previous Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government:

The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries in the world and yet we have a government who have given tax breaks to millionaires whilst forcing families into poverty. The UK has dropped from 11th place to 156th in the global index of child rights this year. The numbers of families dependent on food banks has risen astronomically since the Conservative government was elected. 30% of children living in the UK are now living in poverty. More people are being forced into homelessness. The numbers of families living in food poverty has risen.

There is no 'perfect' political party that represents everything our campaign believes is necessary for a just and fair society; a society where the rights of all people to live outwith poverty and violence are enshrined in law. However, it is simply untenable for far too many families to spend another 5 years living under a Conservative government who are actively punishing anyone who is not an able-bodied, wealthy white, male. We are joining those already campaigning for tactical voting because we need a government that recognises the humanity of all its citizens. We need a government who believes that the welfare state (which includes the NHS and education) is necessary to ensure that no one is forced to live in poverty as a direct consequence of the actions and choices of others. 0 hour contracts, paying people less than a living wage, and no safety net for people who become ill or disabled is inhumane. We all deserve better.


 How to tactical vote in your constituency

You can register to vote here. The deadline for registration is May 22.

Party leaders' response to questions from women's groups on ending abuse published from EVAW


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