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We fully support this petition from Samantha Asumadu and Guilaine Kinouani to the UN demanding accountability for abuse, rape and murder perpetrated by UN troops, particularly the recent allegations raised by AIDS-Free World’s Code Blue campaign who found a litany of child sexual abuse perpetrated by UN and French troops in CAR. PETITION TO: UN, BAN KI-MOON […]

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Vote for the Worst Police ‘Safety’ Campaign of 2015

Vote for the Worst Police Safety Campaign on survey monkey! We’re running this campaign to raise awareness of the ubiquity of misleading and victim blaming police ‘safety’ campaigns. We’d love your feedback on the individual campaigns and posters as we will be feeding the comments back to the relevant police authorities. These campaigns don’t exist […]

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Our campaign demands for the General Election

These are the 6 issues we will be raising with the various political parties and our individual MPs. Some of these issues will be easy to implement – such as the insistence that no woman ever be denied support due to migration status – others requirement serious commitment by political parties to ending male violence […]

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Dare Not Speak It’s Name.

Self disclosure: objectively, reflectively and rationally speaking, I have concluded that Fox TV is a total crock of shit. Any “news” that comes out of that channel should be pointed and laughed at. At all times. I came across an article by Jenny Kutner for Salon which inspires this post. It revealed that Stacey Dash […]

National Stalking Awareness Day

National Stalking Awareness Day is Thursday April 24, 2014. This year’s campaign is entitled “Working Without Fear” which seeks to raise awareness and end workplace stalking. Stalking and the workplace: 1 in 20 callers to the National Stalking Helpline are stalked by a colleague or ex colleague. In a quarter of cases reported to our Helpline, […]

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We’re looking for examples of politicians, at the local, county and national levels, using victim blaming language or perpetuating myths about domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We need lots of examples for a new campaign!   Send us links to articles via twitter, email us or pop the links into the comments below.

Campaign Update: information from PCCs

As you are aware, we asked our supporters to contact their PCC and find out what they are doing about Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse. So far, most of the PCCs have assumed that we are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act – and so have been able to decline our request, […]

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Another ignorant judge allowing inappropriate mitigation.

Dear Mr Grayling I am contacting you in your capacity as Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice. I am absolutely appalled about the outcome and ridiculous reasons given regarding the outcome of the recent case of sexual abuse (not ‘sexual activity’ as reported incorrectly and irresponsibly in various media sources) of an 11 year […]

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