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We stand with #BaharMustafa

We fully support Bahar Mustafa, the student diversity officer at Goldsmiths, who is under attack for daring to promote safe spaces. The misogynistic and racist abuse directed at Mustafa is a clear exemplar of why safe spaces are necessary in order to both fight the white supremacist, heteronormative, capitalist-patriarchy and to recover from it. Or, as Sisters Uncut state:

They provide marginalized people relief from the oppression and bigotry they are forced to navigate every single day. They provide strength, validation and a supportive space for effective organising against oppression. Women and people of colour spend their whole lives being interrupted, undermined and dominated by white men. Safe spaces are the only places where their voices are not silenced, interrupted or interrogated – and where they can lead their own movements.

Those white men "objecting" to their exclusion in one meeting might want to self-reflect on their own male privilege and entitlement, as well as their racism (and, no, it is not possible to be 'racist' against white people - racism requires access to power since it is legally mandated systemic prejudice). They to need to ask themselves why people don't want them in their spaces: because the petition against Mustafa and abuse she's received are normal behaviour perpetrated by white men against marginalised communities. Safe spaces polices are a direct result of white male entitlement and violence.

We stand in solidarity with Bahar Mustafa.

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