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Scottish Government Consultation on Domestic Abuse & Sexual Offences

The Scottish government is currently holding a consultation on proposed changes to the domestic abuse and sexual offences laws. We have reproduced the executive summary below.

The consultation closes on June 19th. Details on how to respond are available here.

Executive Summary

This consultation seeks views on a number of issues relating to how the criminal law and criminal justice system addresses domestic abuse and sexual offences.

We are seeking views on five specific issues:

The question of whether the current criminal law reflects the true experience of victims of long-term domestic abuse, including coercive control, and whether a specific domestic abuse offence would improve the ability of people to access justice through effective prosecution of domestic abuse;

The need for a specific new criminal offence to address the sharing of private intimate images without permission from the subject of the images (often referred to as ‘revenge porn’);

The need for jury directions in sexual offence cases to provide guidance on how juries should consider:

The fact that a significant period of time elapsed between the time the offence occurred and the reporting of the offence to the police

the absence of the use of physical force by the alleged attacker or the absence of use of physical resistance on the part of the alleged victim;

Changes to the disposals available to a court where a person is found unfit to stand trial due to a mental or physical condition but an examination of facts finds that they did commit acts constituting an offence; and

Extension to the extra-territorial effect of the law concerning sexual offences against children to include offences committed elsewhere in the United Kingdom.


Zero Tolerance have published their response to the consultation here.

Our response: SG Consultation on DV

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