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Research Request – Excuses, Excuses

We're planning to write about mitigation used in court cases & we need your help!

We're looking for:

  • Media reports where abusers used excuses for their behaviour (example - intoxication, debt, mental ill health - this is a good example)
  • Research analysing the 'mitigating factors' used as part of a defence
  • Court transcripts detailing mitigation (not just a guilty plea) being used to reduce a likely sentence

We are interesting in all cases of domestic & sexual violence and abuse; including child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, rape, domestic abuse and domestic homicide.

If you can help - this is how to contact us:

Leave a comment below this post - including links if you have them

Send us a link via Twitter

Send us a link via Facebook

Send us details via our Contact Us form

Email us [email protected]

Anything and everything will be useful, as long as it includes some form of mitigation or excuse for the crime that has been committed. We'd rather have too much information, than not enough.

Any questions or queries - contact us via one of the links above.

Thank you!

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