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*Petition* David Ruffley must resign as MP following his caution for domestic violence

David Ruffley, MP, admitted this week that he has been given a police caution for common assault on a former partner, yet he continues to serve as an MP.

Ruffley has made a formal statement, through his lawyers, concluding with the final sentence: "I wish to stress that I would never condone domestic violence under any circumstances." Yet his statement refers to the events leading up to the police caution as an “inappropriate action”. This minimisation of domestic violence is simply not acceptable. Nor is domestic violence an “action”; it is a pattern of coercion and control that can involve physical and sexual violence.

My organisation, Ending Victimisation and Blame, was created to challenge victim blaming in domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Everyday we hear from women who have been the victims of domestic violence and who are fighting to be taken seriously. According to a recent EU study, 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence during their lifetime. Male perpetrators of domestic violence kill 2 women every week in the UK. 9 out of 10 cases of domestic violence are never prosecuted. Domestic violence costs the UK £5.5 billion every year. This is the reality of domestic violence.

MPs are there to fight for the rights of some of the most vulnerable in society. They must be held to a high standard. Even the Dean of David Ruffley's local cathedral agrees and has written to say David Ruffley's position in parliament is "untenable".

His local Conservative Party are meeting in the next week to discuss the issue.They must take a stand to show that domestic violence is never acceptable.However, we don’t simply want the Conservative Party to remove the party whip from Ruffley or to deselect him. We want Ruffley to resign from Parliament.

We have been campaigning to have all politicians, at local, county, national and international levels, undergo specialist training in domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

We cannot have perpetrators of violence against women representing us in Parliament. If Ruffley truly understands the impact of domestic violence, then he must resign from Parliament.


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14 thoughts on “*Petition* David Ruffley must resign as MP following his caution for domestic violence

  • Steven Walker says:

    Forcing the resignation of an elected MP because of a domestic violence incident, which has already been dealt with by the Police, seems to me to be politically motivated and as such degrades your organisation and its laudable purpose. Keep up the good work but pick better fights. Regards Steve Walker.

    • Tom Austin says:

      I have to agree with you Mr. Walker.
      While I am in favour of a powerful Recall Act, I cannot endorse the usurpation of the constituent voters’ right to deal with their own MP in their own way.
      If the attirude of the Police or the Courts needs attention then it is they that should be dealt with directly.

    • John Richardson says:

      ‘Politically motivated’?

      Would that not be obscene?
      To use the beaten and terrified victims of domestic abuse as political capital to achieve low sectional or party political advantage?

      Only scum would do that.

  • Richard Gammage says:

    I have just signed the above and it struck me afterwards that apart from chasing Ruffley you would do better getting the name of the crime changed. When I read the headline I assumed it was ‘just another drunken MP taking a swing at another’ which is hardly comparable at all! This crime deserves differentiation, to be made to stand apart from ‘common misdemeanors’.
    Regards Richard

  • Judith Eastham says:

    Whilst your rehashing this incident which has been dealt with, as the guy has received a police caution, would it be possible for you to help men and children who are victims of violence, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of their wives/partners/mothers?

  • Anna says:

    Hi, I’ve signed the petition as it’s something I feel strongly about and happened to have already read a lot about this case. However please could I urge you, when writing the wording that goes above a petition, to include as many links to primary sources and verifiable facts as possible (statements, etc)? I generally don’t sign petitions that don’t do this because a lot of rubbish gets taken out of context on the internet, particularly with petitions which are often woefully lacking in data.

    If there’s no link to source then it looks like it cannot be verified and is therefore made up or completely out of context.

    Giving people the opportunity to look into the facts gives your statements credibility and people like myself are far more likely to take them seriously and sign.

    I hope you find this useful for future campaigns.

    • Admin says:


      We set the petition up with the help of Change.org. Unfortunately, the links we embedded got lost along the way.

  • John Richardson says:

    I received a request to sign your petition; that is how I found your website.

    I have not signed & I do not respect your campaign.

    Narrow ideological ‘campaigns’, usually state funded in secret, have largely destroyed English civil society.
    I hope you fail in your ‘campaign’ and I regard the statistics in your e-mail to me to be obvious, lazy lies & distortions.

    Why not ‘campaign’ for THIEVES and SEXUAL PERVERTS to be excluded from Parliament?
    Then you might earn the respect and even the support of decent people; rather than their weary contempt.

    John Richardson

    • Redskies says:

      @john richardson

      Why not ‘campaign’ for THIEVES and SEXUAL PERVERTS to be excluded from Parliament?

      Because this is already being done.

      Then you might earn the respect and even the support of decent people; rather than their weary contempt.

      You are wearily contemptuous of campaigns to exclude domestic abusers from parliament but would support those that remove thieves and sexual perverts. What makes the difference to you between theft, sexual perversion and domestic abuse? Why exclude the first two but not the last? You appear to have a strange set of ethics where theft is unforgivable in a public figure but the abuse of a partner is perfectly acceptable.

      Because you do not stand against domestic abuse, you claim that “decent people” amongst whom you seem to include yourself, are the same. If you looked beyond your prejudice, you’d see that, unlike you, many “decent people” support victims against their abusers and this campaign with enthusiasm.

    • kevin cook says:

      LIES ….HA HA….Go online to MSN NEWS and read David Ruffleys admission of guilt

  • kevin cook says:

    I am reading that David Ruffley is going to stand down…….he has said that he will be standing down at the next election in 2015…..I personally feel that he should resign …NOW…not in May next year. He says he will be seving his constituants…..he should not be an MP
    I read the story online at……..MSN NEWS,