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EVB are awarded the Emma Humphreys Prize!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been awarded The Emma Humphreys Prize for working to end men's violence. This is a highly prestigious award and valued by all who work to end violence against women and girls.

To have our work recognised in this way is incredibly rewarding and means that EVB can continue making a difference to the lives of those who experience domestic & sexual violence and abuse.

This award isn't just for us, but for all of you. All of you who write for us, share your experiences with us and who support us. It is also for the women who give their time freely to help run our service, alongside of their other commitments such as work and caring responsibilities.

We would like to thank the Emma Humphreys team, all of those who nominated us and most of all, those of you who place your trust in us when sharing your experiences of domestic & sexual violence and abuse.

We thank you for your continued support - we are in awe of your courage and resilience, against the seemingly never-ending victim blaming in our society. We can't do this without you - but together, we can make a difference.

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3 thoughts on “EVB are awarded the Emma Humphreys Prize!

  • Ali Wilkin says:

    Oh wonderful! You absolutely deserve this, sending mighty hugs of joy and metaphorical champagne! 🙂

  • Well done to you all for this award. I am so proud of the women who write for this web site as a victim of childhood abuse and domestic violence i have read your post’s in awe and so glad the important work you do to put this on the agenda and stand up for the victims and survivors of sexual violence. I hope that as we stand collectively as one we can stand up to injustices reported in the media, governments, local authorities and the law and the judicial and law commission and society that we all matter and deserve to heard and listened and to be taken seriously. I feel for the victim of Ched Evan’s and the added distress and abuse she had been inflicted on since she stood up in court. I would like to say to you your bravery to stand and disclose and taken him to court is amazing you did the right thing and never forget that the one’s out their that matter are the ones who look up to you don’t listen to the negative disgusting bullies remember you are amazing full of courage and their are us many of us who know the strength you took to stand up for what is right and face, them in court. We are all rooting for you and never feel your alone because your not we no everyday how are life can be hard just think there are people on your side women and men. WELL DONE EVB FOR YOUR AWARD, ALSO THE SUBMISSIONS OF OTHER STORIES HELPED ME NOT TO FEEL ALONE.

  • Norma says:

    I was so pleased to be there to see you get the award. Well deserved.